When is the best time to visit the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower is the one thing you must see if you’re visiting Paris. This tower has been talked about for more than 125 years. It is the one thing that everyone visiting Paris wants to see. Avoiding the unending queues to the Tower is quite an achievement in itself!

What’s the best day to visit?

Mornings early in the week are the best time to visit the Eiffel Tower in order to avoid the large crowds at the weekend.

What time?

You can consult opening times directly on the official website of the Eiffel Tower by clicking here.

We highly recommend that you visit the Eiffel Tower at least twice during your stay; once during the day and once in the evening. The view is completely different and impressive in both cases. During an evening visit, make sure you stay for the lighting of the Tower. At dusk it becomes a radiant beacon with all its sparkling lights. If you can’t make it to the Tower personally, check out this video.

The Fast Pass Team’s advice :

Book your tickets for the Eiffel Tower summit in advance!

You choose in advance the day and time you want to visit the Eiffel Tower. With these tickets, you can avoid the endless queues by going directly to the entrance for pre-booked tickets. The disadvantage of this type of ticket however is its lack of flexibility. Once decided on, the date and time of your visit cannot unfortunately be changed. If the weather conditions are not on your side, you will be forced to visit the Eiffel Tower in the rain or mist if you don’t want to miss your slot.

To choose the date of your visit and book your tickets in advance, check out our Eiffel Tower tickets that suit you the best.

Get there

By metro: You can get off at either Bir Hakeim station (line 6) or at Trocadero station (Lines 6 & 9).The Fast Pass Team recommends however that you to get off at Trocadero station to enjoy an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower and the Champs de Mars, a must!

To learn more about the fares and timetables of the Paris metro you can consult the RATP’s website by clicking here.

By RER: Get off at the station "Champs de Mars – Tour Eiffel" on line C of the RER, just walk a few minutes from the exit to reach the Eiffel Tower. To learn more about the fares and timetables of the RER you can visit the Transilien website by clicking here.

By bus: Several possibilities are available to you. You can get off at the TourEiffel or Champ de Mars stops for the #82 bus, or at the Tour Eiffel stop for the #42 bus and at the Champ de Mars stop for the #87 and #69 buses.

By boat: the Fast Pass Team loves this idea. Travel to the Eiffel Tower on the Seine and approach it from water level while discovering the heart of Paris and the banks of the Seine. To do so, you’ll need to take the Batobus. You can consult the fares and schedules directly on their website by clicking here.

By bike: This is another of our favourite options. When the weather is good, we advise you to visit Paris by bike and lose yourself in the many corners of the French capital. Do not hesitate to get yourself either a daily or weekly Vélib card which allows you to rent one of the capital’s self-service bicycles (available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week). For more information on tariffs and the nearest station to you, you can visit the Vélib website by clicking here.

By car: It is very difficult to find parking spaces near the Eiffel Tower. We recommend using one of the neighbouring underground car parks.

Discover the best view of the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero

Take the stairs to avoid the endless queues for the lifts

All those long queues to get into the tower get repeated inside at the Tower’s lifts!
Our advice is to avoid the lifts altogether. Take the stairs and climb the 330 steps to reach the first level.